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Guidelines for applicants

Job category Research and Development / Design (Circuit・Product・Mold) / Production engineering / Embedded software development / Information System / Quality Assurance / Intellectual property / Sales / Market research / Management planning / General affairs / In-house legal / personnel management / Finance / Secretary / Purchasing  etc.
Business outline
  • ○Research and Development
    ―Basic and applied research and development of Optoelectronic device and
    electronic component.
  • ○Circuit Design
    ―Optoelectronic applied.
    Development & design of Analog-digital-power high frequency circuit
  • ○Product Design
    ―Electronic application product
    Car electric component
    Development & design of electronic devices
  • ○Manufacturing technique of electric devices
    ―Technique for electric equipment, Automotive device.
    Development & design of mass-production technology.
  • ○Sales
    ―Sales against car maker and consumer-electronics maker etc.
  • ○Market research
    ―Collect and analyze market information.
  • ○Other job category
    ―Information System, Quality Assurance, Management planning, General affairs
    In-house legal, personnel management, Finance, Secretary, Purchasing etc.
All faculties/departments are applicable.
Salary For graduates with a master's degree: starts from \225,890 per month
For graduates with a bachelor's degree: starts from \205,960 per month
For graduates of technical college from \181,910 per month
 *The commuting costs will be paid separately.
 *Based on salaries actually paid in April, 2015
Fringe benefit Qualification allowance, Commutation allowance, Allowance for housing
dependency allowance, overtime charge etc.
Salary Increase annual pay increase (April)
Bonus Semi-annual bonuses are paid in July and December
Locations Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aichi etc.
Working Hours Working hours: 8 hours (Standard working time: 8:30-17:30)
 *Monthly flexible working time system available
  With a core time of 10:00-15:00, start and finish times can be flexibly set.
Guidelines for applicants Individuals who possess proficient Japanese language ability that will allow them to complete business in Japanese
without difficulty
Individuals who wish to work at the main unit of STANLEY ELECTRIC CO., LTD.